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When Experience Exceeds Expectations

The HEAVENLY DRAGON LION DANCE ASSOCIATION (仙龍南獅隊 | ĐOÀN LÂN TIÊN RỒNG) was established in 2021 by Dr. Kevin Gian. With over 30+ years of combined lion dancing and martial arts experience performing all over Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, and Los Angeles, Dr. Gian wanted to bring the majestic and energetic Lion Dance and Shaolin Kung Fu performances back to the lively city of Austin, where he has relocated to work full-time as a pharmacist. Our members include elementary, middle, high school, college students all the way up to graduate students and young adults.

Our style of Lion Dance & Drumming is the Traditional Fut San (佛山) style, which has deep roots in Kung Fu movements and stances, and is evident in the strong lion movements and upbeat drumming style.

Our style of martial arts is Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (北少林功夫), which vastly improves discipline, strength, flexibility, and stamina which allows our members to become strong lion dancers and upstanding members of their community.


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